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With a vision of becoming a universally accessible resource for mechanical engineering needs within Silicon Valley, the ASME Santa Clara Valley Section (SCVS) strives to serve the professional development needs of Silicon Valley engineers and technologists.

By delivering best-in-class, affordable services that address professional needs, celebrate collective accomplishments, and advance the purpose of mechanical engineering within the community, ASME-SCVS provides its members with a platform for growth and excellence.

ASME-SCVS is nationally recognized as a leader in the delivery of high-quality, low-cost professional development seminars. Simultaneously delivered in-person and via webinar, these full-day events by experts in the field routinely attract over a hundred attendees from across the country and beyond.

ASME-SCVS is also an active contributor to students in the area, providing mentorship, financial support, and recognition to deserving students and student projects every year.

At its core, the ASME-SCVS philosophy is simple. Being situated in Silicon Valley, the driving spirit is entrepreneurism: if there is a way to improve the lives of the technical community in Silicon Valley, the volunteers of ASME-SCVS will try their utmost to make it happen.

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